Electric Heating Pants Manufacturer | Professional Electric Heating Pants

Electric Heating Pants Manufacturer | Professional Electric Heating Pants

In the cold winter, electric heating pants can not only actively heat to keep the body warm, but also promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism and maintain the flexibility of the body. Compared with ordinary pants, electric heating pants have the function of actively generating heat and providing extra temperature, which can bring us a good thermal effect, and are very durable and easy to use.
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Ever since our team formed, Jernano has been focused on innovation in heating technology. After years of painstaking efforts, we finally made Jernano into reality. The promising carbon nanotube film material is what makes our steps towards the future so rewarding and daring.

Carbon nanotube film was firstly discovered back in 1991 and recognized by respected scientists worldwide as one  of the that WEARABLE heating technology would be one of the greatest benefits of this exciting new material. From that moment on, we’ve been diligently applying flexible carbon nanotube film to wearable heating technology. That’s how JERNANO was created, incorporating the most cutting-edge intelligent technology into durable clothing materials to give customers an extremely comfortable heating experience.

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Features of electric heating pants

1. Selected high-quality fabrics
2. Safe heating, intelligent temperature control
3. Physiotherapy

The heating principle of electric pants

The important element of the electric heating pants, that is, the flexible heating fabric, commonly known as the heating sheet, is only 1mm thick, and is usually arranged on the abdomen, back waist or knees. The heating principle of the electric heating pants is: using the current heating effect, after connecting to the power supply, the built-in heating plate of the electric heating pants converts the electric energy into heat energy, so as long as the battery has electricity, the electric heating pants can provide a steady stream of warmth for the body, in the cold season. , to keep the body warm for those who are outdoors for a long time.

As long as the battery is charged and the heating system is intact, the normal heating of the heating pants can be guaranteed. Since the heating pants can generate far infrared rays when they are hot, the waist, abdomen and knees can be treated with hot compress through the "resonance effect". Therefore, while keeping warm, it can promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue and soreness. Heating pants can not only generate heat safely and keep the body warm, but also have the function of physical therapy and health care. They are very suitable for people who are afraid of cold and people who work and exercise in cold outdoor environments.

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Connect the battery to the cable before inserting it into the pocket. Close the pocket zipper. Press and hold the button for ~4 seconds, until the light turns on. The pant is now heating up, and the red light should be blinking slowly.

Yes! It is completely safe and designed for a variety of outdoor activities, including work, sports, motorcycle riding, & more! Most heated apparel features carbon fiber elements, that are securely insulated within the layers of your clothing.

Our heated down jackets that come with a 12v battery can charge in 90 minutes. Charging it is as easy as inserting the adapter into the jacket's power bank and plugging it into a socket. The battery life depends on the level of output you have the heater set to—low, medium, or high.  

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