What is turbo touch?

What is turbo touch?

TURBOTOUCH is a flexible intelligent touch controller specially designed by JERNANO for apparel products. Implanting TURBOTOUCH can make ordinary clothes have the function of touch control screen. Tap the clothes to control the mobile app.

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Ever since our team formed, Jernano has been focused on innovation in heating technology. After years of painstaking efforts, we finally made Jernano into reality. The promising carbon nanotube film material is what makes our steps towards the future so rewarding and daring.

Carbon nanotube film was firstly discovered back in 1991 and recognized by respected scientists worldwide as one  of the that WEARABLE heating technology would be one of the greatest benefits of this exciting new material. From that moment on, we’ve been diligently applying flexible carbon nanotube film to wearable heating technology. That’s how JERNANO was created, incorporating the most cutting-edge intelligent technology into durable clothing materials to give customers an extremely comfortable heating experience.

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Wash and tumble dry,no need of disassembly.

TurboTouch is an integrated device supporting wash and tumble dry without removal of battery, main control board or carbon film touch controller. Its performance remains stable as new after wash and tumble dry.

The film is hot pressed onto the surface of fabric.

Holes are dug at designated places, and TPU molded case is hot pressed into clothing fabric.

TPU molded case and carbon film module are covered by interior decorative film, and then fixed into clothing fabric by hot pressing.

TURBOHEAT intelligent fast heating technology has been fully upgraded

1. The power is increased to 40W, powerful heat generation
High power brings more powerful heating power, and the heating performance is fully improved by 4 times! Powerful heating, the heat instantly wraps the whole body, just like wrapping an electric blanket! Feel more comfortable!

2. Motion induction temperature control, smart and warm
TURBOHEAT introduces an intelligent motion temperature control mode, which can automatically sense the state of human body movement, intelligently adjust the temperature level, and the temperature is always comfortable, freeing your hands.

3. Incoming call reminder, no longer miss important information
When there is an incoming call, text message, or WeChat, TURBO will send out reminders by vibrating and flashing lights. You can also answer or hang up calls directly through TURBO.

Is turboheat any different?

TURBOHEAT smart wearable fast heating technology 2.0 has more powerful heating power, more intelligent functions, and more cool exterior design elements, bringing a broader space for expansion of "function" and "aesthetics" to the fashion industry. attract attention.

The appearance of the new TURBOHEAT controller supports any shape to meet the diverse design needs of different clothing. The new TURBOHEAT introduces LED colorful and flexible atmosphere light strips, which can perfectly combine smart aesthetics with clothing, creating cool dynamic light and shadow effects, attracting attention and enjoying safety at the same time.

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The touch sensor switch is a wall switch controlled by modern intelligent technology. It needs to consume a certain amount of power during use. The single fire smart switch is powered by an electronic ballast to the touch sensor switch control circuit when it is in standby.

TURBOTOUCH can be washed and dried in one piece, and the battery, main control board, and carbon film touch controller do not need to be disassembled. After washing and drying, the performance is still stable as before.

turbotouch, that is, a wall switch controlled by touch, its sensory scene is like our touch screen mobile phone, and it can achieve the purpose of controlling electrical appliances with just a touch of a finger, improving people's quality of life.

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