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JERNANO is a world-leading manufacturer and developer of carbon nanotube film. It was founded in 2011 by Dr. Li Qingwen with investments from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Legend Star and Nanopolis Suzhou. Dr. Li is a globally renowned expert in nanotube and a co-founder of Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics (SINANO), CAS.

Backed by SINANO with its technological niche, JERNANO breaks through the bottleneck of carbon nanotube film mass-production—achieving an annual production of 100,000m2. In addition, JERNANO has successfully introduced the “JERNANO Carbon Nano Flexible Heating Module”, which can be applied to multiple products including clothing and wearable, household textile, healthcare, outdoor devices, etc.

We provide intelligent heating solutions to customers all around the world.

Chief Scientist

Dr. Li Qingwen
· Doctoral degree from and doctoral supervisor at the Chemistry Department of Tsinghua University;
· Receiver of special government allowance of the State Council;
· Leading talent of the Suzhou Industrial Park;
· Innovative and entrepreneurial talent of Jiangsu province;
· Editor for the internationally famed magazines “Carbon” & “Advanced electronic materials”

R&D Group

JERNANO is dedicated to the fundamental studies of nano carbon materials and their industrial ;applications, covering the growth mechanism of nano materials, the manufacturing techniques as well as the electrical, thermo and mechanical properties of nano materials.

Our R&D group is greatly supported by the Advanced Materials Department of SINANO, CAS. We have 15 researchers with doctoral degrees, 9 engineers with senior titles and 4 with associate senior titles. Among them, 3 are in the One Thousand Talents project and 3 in CAS’s One Hundred Talents project.

Company Development


Suzhou Jernano was officially founded with a registered capital of 16,214,200 yuan


Winning a project on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of Jiangsu


Selected as the Carbon Nanotube Fiber and Functional Material Engineering Technology Research Center, joining the Jiangsu New Material Association, and winning the special project on the commercialization of nano technologies of Suzhou


Successfully developing the multi-slice spinning carbon nanotube fibers; awarded with the SMEs venture fund from the Ministry of Science and Technology; ranking Top 50 in the Chrysler Cup Dark Horse Series of 2014


Certified with the ISO9001:2008; selected to be a united laboratory for advanced nano carbon materials; being a member unit for the standardization of emerging industries


Elected to be a Suzhou Workshop for Foreign Experts; succeeding in the engineering approaches to carbon nanotube film; passing the National Technology Enterprise Certification


Accomplishing the second round of funding; heating band products entering the clothing industry


Introducing heating physiotherapy products with a wider concept of health; certified by the GJB 9001C-2017 system


Succeeding in the Xiaomi crowd-sourcing for the smart sleep-conducive pillow; officially entering the market of household textile


Turboheat high-power wearable heating solutions debuted