High-power intelligent heat, More trending & stylish


40W High Power
Quadrupled Heating Speed

TURBOHEAR equipped with rapid charging technology, which increased the heating power to 40 watt,achieving 4x stronger heat generation comparing average heating technology.No pre-heating required. Instant warm up.Similar to wearing a warming blanket, cozy and comfy.
Heating speed
Heat productivity
Double Heating area
Quadrupledheat preservation capacity

Smart temperature control for activity
Automatic Regulation to Maintain
Comfortable Temperature

URBOHEAT incorporates “Motion Temperature Control Mode”, which automatically adjusts temperature during activity, allowing you to achieve optimal comfort setting, hands-free.

Caller ID Display
Avoid Missing Important Message

TURBOHEAT can be connected toa smart phone via Bletooth. When thene are inoming calls, text messages or WeChat messages

Multi-zone Independent Temperature Control Higher Accuracy and Enhanced Safety

All heating films/pieces have an independent Thermo Detector to monitor temperature precisely in different areas of the body.
Accomplishing multi-zone independent temperature control with extreme accuracy.

APP supported,OTA Upgrade

APP/Wechat app/ iWatch/Xiaomi Smartwatch supported.System constantly updated with the latest technology through remote control.

Flexible   &  Colorful LED Light Strip Trendy, Stylish and Eye-catching

The whole new LED ambient light strip of TURBOHEAT is flexible and malleable with a variety of colors and lighting frequencies available. Fashion designers can customize their own light strip appearance based on individual preferences.

Controller Appearance Any Way You Want

Customization of color, shape and LOGO of TURBOHEAT controller allows designers to follow inspirations and design freely.