Smart wearable touch control technology
With TurboTouch planted into clothes, ordinary clothing can be transformed into smart touch control screen. Tap to control mobile applications.

Answer phone

Manipulate the music

AInformation alerts

Super standby

APP control

Standard washing


Touch for Easier Workout

With TurboTouch planted into clothes and APP connected by Bluetooth, your mobile phone can be controlled with simple gestures including swiping, tapping and covering, so that you can easily answer/decline a call and play/pause or switch music while working out.

With four control modes
APP supports gesture customization

Suitable for a variety of sports scenes and control is more simple


Carbon Nanotube Film

Due to its excellent electrical conductivity, carbon nanotube film can serve as an induction medium of capacitive touch technology. It is lightweight, soft, and flexible, and can be perfectly integrated into fabric to achieve invisible and comfortable wearing.

Wash and tumble dry
no need of disassembly

TurboTouch is an integrated device supporting wash and tumble dry without removal of battery, main control board or carbon film touch controller. Its performance remains stable as new after wash and tumble dry.