Carbon Nanotube Film Agencies | Carbon Nanotube Film Thermal Conductivity

Carbon Nanotube Film Agencies | Carbon Nanotube Film Thermal Conductivity

The carbon nanotube film has excellent electrical and thermal properties, is extremely soft, light and thin, and can still maintain stable structure and performance after any bending and washing. It only needs to apply voltage at both ends of the film to generate electricity and heat, which is an ideal material for heating technology.
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Ever since our team formed, Jernano has been focused on innovation in heating technology. After years of painstaking efforts, we finally made Jernano into reality. The promising carbon nanotube film material is what makes our steps towards the future so rewarding and daring.

Carbon nanotube film was firstly discovered back in 1991 and recognized by respected scientists worldwide as one  of the that WEARABLE heating technology would be one of the greatest benefits of this exciting new material. From that moment on, we’ve been diligently applying flexible carbon nanotube film to wearable heating technology. That’s how JERNANO was created, incorporating the most cutting-edge intelligent technology into durable clothing materials to give customers an extremely comfortable heating experience.

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What are the preparation methods of carbon nanotubes?

(1) Arc discharge method
(2) Chemical vapor deposition method (catalytic pyrolysis method)
(3) Laser evaporation method
(4) Low temperature solid-phase pyrolysis method
(5) Ion bombardment method
(6) Polymerization synthesis method
(7) Hydrothermal synthesis method

Where can carbon nanotubes be used?

(1) Electronic field
(2) The field of composite materials
(3) New energy field
(4) Medical and bioengineering fields
(5) Environmental protection

What are the properties of carbon nanotubes?

1. Ultra-light, ultra-thin, and ultra-soft
2. Extremely rapid heating, even surface heating
3. Temperature control, precise and safe
4. Really washable
5. Multiple certification quality assurance

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Carbon nanotubes are used to make bullet- proof jackets. Carbon nanotubes can be used to make aircraft and spacecraft bodies. Carbon nanotubes can be used to build high-performance nanoscaled thin-film transistors to replace silicon-based transistors because of the semiconducting properties of carbon nanotubes.

In addition to the two different basic structures, there are three different possible types of carbon nanotubes. These three types of CNTs are armchair carbon nanotubes, zigzag carbon nanotubes, and chiral carbon nanotubes.

According to the number of wall layers, it can be divided into single-walled carbon nanotubes and multi-layered carbon nanotubes.According to the different orientations of carbon hexagons in carbon nanotubes along the axial direction, they can be divided into three types: zigzag type, armchair type and spiral type.According to the uniformity and overall shape of the shape, it can be divided into straight tube type, carbon nanotube bundle, Y type, snake type and so on.

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