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Electric Heating Clothes Company | Professional Electric Heating Clothes

When it comes to heated clothes, a common concern centers on misconceptions about batteries, especially when it's raining. Nanyao Portable Heated Clothes are almost impossible to get an electric shock, as the rechargeable heated clothing systems used in smart heated jackets, vests, glove liners, etc. operate at low voltage -12V, in theory, when the smart heated gloves fall into the pool the most Only a slight buzzing can be heard.
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Ever since our team formed, Jernano has been focused on innovation in heating technology. After years of painstaking efforts, we finally made Jernano into reality. The promising carbon nanotube film material is what makes our steps towards the future so rewarding and daring.

Carbon nanotube film was firstly discovered back in 1991 and recognized by respected scientists worldwide as one  of the that WEARABLE heating technology would be one of the greatest benefits of this exciting new material. From that moment on, we’ve been diligently applying flexible carbon nanotube film to wearable heating technology. That’s how JERNANO was created, incorporating the most cutting-edge intelligent technology into durable clothing materials to give customers an extremely comfortable heating experience.

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Is it recommended to buy the kind of USB interface for electric thermal underwear?

1. Power banks generally use 5V/USB interface and 7.4V/DC interface. The safe voltage for the human body is 36V. It is far below the safe voltage, and it is completely insensitive to direct contact with hands and skin.
2. The heating film is made of carbon fiber, so it is anti-aging, resistant to pulling, soft heating film, and fully supports washing of the whole clothes.
3. The clothes switch has its own rated temperature control and protection system: high temperature protection switch to prevent abnormal temperature, when the temperature reaches 65 °, the protection switch will automatically cut off the power
4. Regarding the area of the heating area, it is completely determined by the number of heating pads. It used to be zone 3, but now it is zone 12, which basically meets the main sensitive and cold parts of the body.
5. In fact, the biggest problem is the power bank, which is a little heavy and inconvenient. The danger is actually generated in the power bank, and it is when the power bank is charging, so pay attention to the charger used to match, and the discharge is completely no problem.

Will the heating suit leak electricity?

The reason why the electric heating suit does not leak electricity can be analyzed from the two main components of the internal heating sheet and the external battery. The heating sheet is an important heating element of the electric heating suit, with a thickness of only 1mm. Usually, carbon fiber heating wire or metal fiber composite wire is used as the material. The heat conversion rate of the heating wire is as high as 99%, the heat generation is very efficient, and it is very flexible and resistant to folding. The heating wire is processed and fixed by multiple stitches, and the heating wire is protected by silicone, which is evenly distributed on the heating sheet, making the heating sheet resistant to bending and pulling, safe and practical.

What is an electric heating suit?

The appearance of electric heating clothing is no different from ordinary clothing, but in fact, there are more heating sheets (flexible heating fabrics), connecting wires and batteries than ordinary clothing. The heating plate and the connecting line are sewn and fixed on the interlayer of the clothes. The connecting port is generally set on the inner side of the clothes, which is used to connect the external battery (power bank), and the small button switch is set on the surface of the clothes. The heating principle of the electric heating suit is: the mobile power supply provides electric energy, and the heating sheet converts the electric energy into heat energy to achieve the purpose of heating and keeping warm.

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The quick (and only) answer is a resounding yes. Heated jackets and other heated clothing will not electrocute you or burn your skin. Heated clothing has been around since World War 2 when pilots used heated flight suits to stay warm when flying at altitude for hours on end.

Heated gear has thin wires built into it. These wires heat up when a low electric charge is passed through. Heated clothing is designed to keep you warm and cozy, but not to get too hot. Wiring is separated by a waterproof membrane making them safe to use in damp conditions.

The best heated jackets will provide up to eight hours of runtime on a fully charged battery, allowing you to get through most outings on a single charge. You also can extend the battery life by putting the heating elements on the lowest setting or shutting them off during the warmer part of the day.

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