What are smart electric heating clothes?

What are smart electric heating clothes?

Electric heating clothing is a general term for a type of clothing that uses electrical energy to drive electrical components in clothing. It is generally composed of ordinary clothing, mobile power sources, heating elements, temperature control devices, safety protection devices, etc., which are connected to each other by wires. The mobile power supply for electric heating clothing is similar to ordinary power banks, which are small and light, and easy to carry.

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Ever since our team formed, Jernano has been focused on innovation in heating technology. After years of painstaking efforts, we finally made Jernano into reality. The promising carbon nanotube film material is what makes our steps towards the future so rewarding and daring.

Carbon nanotube film was firstly discovered back in 1991 and recognized by respected scientists worldwide as one  of the that WEARABLE heating technology would be one of the greatest benefits of this exciting new material. From that moment on, we’ve been diligently applying flexible carbon nanotube film to wearable heating technology. That’s how JERNANO was created, incorporating the most cutting-edge intelligent technology into durable clothing materials to give customers an extremely comfortable heating experience.

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A heated jacket is essential for those who spend a lot of time outdoors during cold winter season. This jacket will integrate the battery heated elements to make keep you warm and comfortable, irrespective of how cold the outside temperature is. It is not like regular winter jackets

Manufacturers most commonly use polyester to create the outer layer of heated jackets since it warms up quickly and adapts to your body heat. Plus, it's weatherproof and will work against rain and harsh wind.

It's powered by a rechargeable battery that fits into the side pocket, and has three heat settings so you can easily find a comfortable temperature that will keep you warm all day long, since the battery lasts eight hours on a single charge.

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